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DreamCatcher Appaloosa




Yodies April Joker B   ApHC 594839

13 year old  Foundation Bred Mare
Bay w/ frosted blanket and spots
Born on April Fools Day 2000

We call her Cookie.  Shes a very sweet mare, easy to handle, good for the farrier.
She has some saddle training but is being sold as a non-broke horse.  She foals
easily and is a great mother.  The one foal she had since we've owned her was big
and correct & loud colored.  Add this mare to your broodmare band.
UTD on Worming & Shots

For Sale $1500  
Can be a 2 in 1 package for 1/2 the price of our
normal Stallion Service Fee added to sale price.

Click on her picture to view her pedigree

Sire: Toby Blue Yodeler

Dam: Jokers Silver Lace

Tobys Scarlet Flare  ApHC 598130
13 year old Foundation Bred Bay Leopard Mare

She is as sweet as you'd ever want, easy to handle, good for the farrier.  She has been a
broodmare for us only.  Ground training was done, no saddle training.  Excellent mother, she
produced a nice, big, correct filly for us in 09.  Her foundation breeding combines some of the
best old Foundation Appaloosa lineage you'll find.  UTD on Worming & Shots

Offered for Sale: $2000.00
Can be a 2 in 1 package for 1/2 the price of our
normal Stallion Service Fee added to sale price.

Click on her picture to view her pedigree

Sire: Tobys Peter Bilt

Dam: Yodies Miss Toby

DCA Tobys Karma  ApHC pending
5 year old Foundation Bred Black Snowcap Filly

Offered for Sale: $3500.00

We waited 15 years to get this filly so offering her for sale is a BIG decision.  Her mother was my best & favorite
trail riding horse and I didn't want to breed her.  Karma is a very sweet girl! Wants to be with you all the time,
in your pocket.  Easy to handle, gets along well with the herd.  She does require some patience with the farrier at times.
She currently stands at 14.1, she's up in the rear now and going through a growth spirt.  I believe she will mature no taller
than 14.3 when she's done growing.  As anyone who has raised these foundation appaloosas knows, they do not fully
mature until 7 or 8 years old.  Karma will be an asset to any breeding program and like her mother, a powerhouse of a
trail rider.  Willing, honest, able and a total pleasure.  UTD on Worming & Shots

Sire: JBCJ Indigo Warrior

Dam: Tobys Rock Jasmine

Karma was born as a jet black based snowcap.  This picture was taken in 2011.  
She has roaned more since then. I will get a current picture posted of her soon and
can email recent pictures to anyone interested in her.  

Dancing Pepper Sage  ApHC 541168
18 year old Foundation Bred Mare

Offered for Sale: $4000.00

SIRE: Toby Red Pepper 462380

Dam: Tobys Dancer   305891

We cant say anything negative about this mare!  She has and will do it all.  Shes had tons of exposure
to most of what you might imagine. Shes a solid trail mount, been ridden in traffic, used as a native
american demonstration horse with lots of stuff hanging off of her and represented Foundation
Appaloosa's for 3 years at the California State Horse Expo.  She's been on one leg of the Chief Joseph
Trail Ride.  She is totally broke and nothing fazes her.  When out on trails, she has alot of power & go.  
She does need an experienced rider who is comfortable with her energy.  She is alot of fun!

She is being offered as a Trail Horse only.  She can not be used in a breeding program.  

Sage at the Calif. State Horse Expo
she was the Appaloosa Ambassador for 3 years and has been used in many native american life demos.
Has been on the Chief Joseph ride.

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