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DreamCatcher Appaloosa

Tobys Rock Jasmine
 ApHC 508894
1991 Black & White Foundation bred mare
Reserved for our BYOA program

A lineage so thick with up close OLD Foundation Blood for the
beginnings of the Appaloosa Horse Club founding stallions and mares

Jasmine was used and ridden by us for many years.  When we finally got around to breeding her, she
was in her late teens.  We crossed her with our stallion Indigo Warrior and got a beautiful black based
snowcap filly (DCA Tobys Karma) and then was leased to Dancing Feather Ranch and produced a fewspot colt for Carrie Belers program.  Jasmine is now in her early 20's and retired from riding.  We will breed her in 2013 for one of our international clients through our Build Your Own Appaloosa program.  

                                                                                    Siri Sheik  F-1833
                                                             Peppers Shamrock  F-4090
                                                                                                    Pepper Face  211
                                 Money Creeks RockLedge  F-4090
                                                                                                     War Horse  F-838
                                                             Babe Warrior F1309
                                                                                                    Greta Warrior F-835
Sire: Money Creeks LedgeRock  68582
                                                                                                    Zebra Pal  F-322
                                                            Zebra Dun  F1344
                                                                                    Toots V  F-626  
                                    Rainbow Two   F 1752
                                                                                                   Sun Red Pepper
                                                               Rainbow Sue  F-837
                                                                                                   Greta Warrior  F-835
Tobys Rock Jasmine
             508894                                                                  Toby I   F203
                                                                                              Toby II  F118
                                                                           Genesee Chief  F-1384
                                                                                                                  Patchy  F-416
                                                                                              Lola   F-462
                                      Black Peppers Genesee Chief  53127
                                                                                                                  Rusty King
                                                                                               Stewarts Shiek
                                                                                                F-385   Trixie
                                                                  Black Pepper C  F-3898
                                                                                               Lylie   F-3897

Dam: Tobys Karma Kate  445682

                                                                                                                    Little Dan
                                                                                                     Old Blue  
                                                                 Toby 1  F203                             Lucy
                                             Tobys Chico  74404
                                                                                                    Freels Chico  F715
                                                               Chios Babe  7809