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             Foundation Stallions  
                         Come on in.... meet the boys!

To see which mares are expecting and the stallions
they are bred to, click HERE

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JBCJ Indigo Warrior
1997 Black & White Leopard Stallion
Stallion Service Fee: $500

His lineage goes back to the purest foundation stallions. Toby I, Money Creeks Rockledge,
Genesee Chief, Red Eagle, the Ghost Wind Stallions & many others.

Tobys Peter Bilt
1988 Chestnut Appaloosa Stallion  
He is the LAST OWN grandson of TOBY I  F-203 standing in the world today!!!!
Stallion Service Fee: $750.00

2013 might be Trucks last breeding season.  We will be breeding him to a few of our own mares
whose foals will be for sale in utero.  We have not decided yet which of our mares he will breed.
We also have decided to offer 2 breedings to outside mares.  These 2 spots are not yet spoken for.
 I will update this information when those 2 spots are paid for.  First come, first served.

He is also a great grandson to FREELS CHICO  F-715 and GENESEE CHIEF  F-1384.
Additionally, His lineage includes  Patchy F-416, Storm Cloud  F and  RED EAGLE F-209

Tobys Luckitat Moon  ApHC 552429    DOB  5/27/96
Great-Grandson of Toby I and Money Creeks Rockledge

Stallion Service fee: $400.00  

His lineage also traces back to  Freels Chico F-715, Siri Sheik  F-1833  
and the Ghost Wind Stallions.