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Build your own Appaloosa
           DreamCatcher Appaloosa            
                                DCA's Build your own Appaloosa TM program


To see which mares are expecting and the stallions
they are bred to, click HERE

Reserve a mare NOW  for the 2013 or 2014 season to use
in our Build Your Own AppaloosaTM  program.      
Deposit Required   Details at bottom of this page.

We proudly show off the possibilities...Just LQQK!!!
Dun Raven Dancer
DCA Clouds Class Act
DCA Imaybe Palai
DCA Mistersippi
DCA Lakota Ghostdance
Twisters Jingle Dancer
DCA SpiritCloud
Cayanne & CinderWind
DCA Fire Truck

We started offering this program in 1999 when we realized we were turning away potential customers because  we either had no foals  to sell  or  we didnt have the specific bloodline cross our client was looking for.  Perhaps  because a foal had already been sold, was spoken for, in the "burner" or,  we just hadn't gotten around to "building" that cross yet.

Tobys Scarlet Flare
DCA Mistic Wind Dancer
DCA Nootka's RedHawk

Our foals represent the quality of our REAL Foundation Appaloosas
and our breeding program.

We have had much success in our BYOA program.  Our foals are in many states as
well as overseas now.  Some of them are now the basis for other Foundation Appaloosa
breeding programs.  


Sure, we could breed 15 -20 mares a year, and sell the resulting foals on the open market, but this is not what DreamCatcher Appaloosa is about.  
It use to be our practice to breed 3 or 4 of our mares a year, but, in todays economy and with the market so soft,  we dont want a "foal overload".  

DCA Nootka Mistersippi

DCA Skyledge

DCA Zaltana Alo

How our "Build Your Own Appaloosa" TM  program works:

It begins  with the customer choosing one of our stallions  and one of our mares to cross together.  All our stallions are available for this program.

We handle the breeding and care for our mare through the pregnancy and the resulting foal is yours.  
We will guarantee a healthy live foal.   
No guarantees on gender.  
The resulting foal belongs to you.  You take it home at weaning time.   The fee for the "build your own appaloosa" program
begins at $2,500.  Time payments are gladly accepted from the time of breeding up to the time of weaning the foal and before it
leaves our property.

The benefits offered with this type of breeding program:  

You have selected the Sire & the Dam.
You're guaranteed a healthy live foal.
You dont have to worry about feeding or care of a  
pregnant mare.
                                (You dont even need to have a mare!)

Contact us for more information about this program.        

To reserve a mare for a future breeding season, let us know which
mare your interested in using and check with us for the availability
of that mare.  A deposit of $350 (non-refundable) is required to reserve
your desired mare.  A signed contract will be completed.  


If you have already decided on which stallion you wish to cross on
your selected mare, the amount of the stallions breeding fee (non-refundable)
will be the amount due and that will reserve the mare for you.
A signed contract will be completed.  

Deposit/stallion service fee is due at the time a contract is signed
and before any breeding takes place.

To see which mares are expecting and the stallions
they are bred to, click HERE