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         DreamCatcher Appaloosa
                             12 Years  of  DCA Foals


To see which mares are expecting and the stallions
they are bred to, click HERE

Youngsters from our Breeding Program

2012 Foal

Colt born 2012
Picture comming soon

Sire: Tobys Peter Bilt
Dam: Dun Raven Dancer

A "Build Your Own Appaloosa" foal
heading to Austria

2011 Foal

DCA Sequoia Rain

Sire: DREA Ochocos Rainy R
Dam: DCA Clouds Elegance

No foals in 2010

2009 Foals

A Filly, born on 5-5-09  
Sire: Tobys Lucky Moon
Dam: Tokeri Cricket

2013:: Glory is back in our program!!!  She is currently in training
with our friend Jahn Hoover and will be used as a trail mount in his
guided trailride business "Into the Wild Equine Adventures".  

Jodie, your patience and perseverance in building this Fillyhas paid off!!  Glory will be an outstanding contribution to
your program.  We look forward to watching this filly grow into a beautiful mare under your care.  Can't wait to see how she produces for you!!  Congratulations!!   
Jodie & her BYOA Filly!!!
Glory & Cricket 8-3-09

A Filly, born on 5-6-09
Sire is Eagles Toby Sundance
Dam: Tobys Scarlet Flare

A COLT born June to a registered Appaloosa mare by
our stallion Indigo Warrior.

2008 Foals

Colt  Truck & Krystal
Filly  Nootka & Moonledge
Filly Warrior & Jasmine (Karma)
Colt   Warrior & Karee
Colt  Nootka & Bonnie

No Foals in 2007...took a year off after 8 foals in '06

2006 Foals
Colt  Nootka & KrystalMoon
Filly   Nootka & Dun Raven
Filly     Twister & Lucy
Filly    Warrior & Ms. Ellie
Colt  Warrior & Moonledge
Filly      Nootka & Sophie

  Let us build you a dream!
Filly    Nootka & Ms. Toby
Colt  Apache & MysticMoon

2005 Foals

Bright Easter Moon Scroll to the bottom of this page to see his full brother born in 2001

Bright Lilly and Lucky Moon
This colt will stand at stud in the future, check back for availability owned by Nita Mendenhall.
Sire: Tobys Nootka
Dam: Eagles Sophie Sis

Cayenne will stay with DCA eventually joining our broodmares after she is broke to ride.  
DCA Wallowa Cayenne  Nootka & Sophie
 Born 6-1-05

2004 Foals

Filly  Tobys Nootka & Tobys Dancer
Born 3-29-04
(Poppy) Filly  Tobys Peter Bilt & MysticMoon
Born 5-24-04
Colt  Tobys Nootka & Pratt Tobys Last Lass
DCA Nootka Mistersippi
Colt   Tobys Nootka & Plaudits Mesquite
Born 6-10-04
DCA Lakota Ghostdance
Colt  Tobys Nootka & Yodies Miss Toby
Born 6-25-04
DCA Tobys RedHawk
Colt  Tobys Nootka & Eagles Sophie Sis
Born 7-6-04

2003 Foals

DCA Zaltana Alo (High Mountain Spirit Guide)    
Born on Sept. 13th, 2003   

  Sire: Tobys Peter Bilt  
  Dam: DCA Clouds Elegance

DCA SkyLedge                                                                                                                                                                                            Born on St. Patricks Day  3-17-03


Chestnut Leopard Filly

Sire: JBCJ Indigo Warrior

Dam: JBCJ Tobys Moonledge

Intense Toby and MC Rockledge breeding.

 Colt   Born May 2003
  Dark Bay with beautiful blanket. Darker spots in his
  blanket stand up higher than the rest of his spots.

  Picture taken at 4 months old!
 Sire: DCA Cloud Twister

2002 Foals

DCA Mistic WindDancer
Few Spot Filly born  on June-8-2002
This filly has foundation blood DELUXE!!!
Sire:  DCA Cloud Twister              
Dam: JBC Mystic Moon        SOLD      
Congratulations to Cindy in Milton-Freewater, Oregon on her
purchase of this wonderful loving filly.
May the spirits guide you both on many AppyTrails!

DCA Looking Glass

Few Spot Filly born July-3-2002
Another appaloosa with the "True Blood"
Sire: Tobys Lucky Moon
Dam:Yodies Miss Toby

2001 Foals

Beautiful Leopard Colt!! Born 4-21-01
-- owned by Nita Mendenhall.

Proud Parents: Tobys Lucky Moon &  Bright Lilly

DCA EponaLunar SOLD  Born  6-6-2001
Proud parents: Tobys Lucky Moon & CLM Feathers Echo.