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Plaudits Mesquite


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Plaudits Mesquite

1987 Leopard Mare     
ApHC # 456293

                                                                                                        Pepper Jr.  F-980
                                                              Peppers Domino   40249
                                                                                                         Malheurs Babe
                                  Color Parade  94076
                                                                                                       Chicos Kit  F-3050
                                                                Kits Miss Ann  24659
                                                                                                        Freckles Miss May
                       Pepper Travis  T 265163
                                                                                                       Snip Reed   aqha
                                                                      Harveys Reed
                                                                            aqha 69087        Susie Lue   aqha
                                            Hominee Reed
                                             aqha 212320
                                                                                                        Scandal   aqha
                                                                    Zip Along  aqha 128452
                                                                                                        Tedford Fancy Pants

Plaudits Mesquite
   456293                                                                                     Juaquin  F-801
                                                     Red Plaudit  10191
                                                                                                      Wavy id 9155

                               Plaudits Image  137423
                                                                                                    Peavys Bimbo  F-4557
                                                                Peavys Maid   id 2132
                                                                                                    Roberts Frosty Ruth

           Flint Creek Plaudit  208072
                                                                                                     Wamblee  F-665
                                                                 Cowboy Jack  F-3594

                                 Kathleen Whispering Pines  12755