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Pratt Tobys Last Lass

DOB 7-14-1996

An own daughter of Pratts Toby.

Her bloodlines include Toby I, Toby II, Red Eagle,
Storm Cloud F., Sundance F500, Dun Roven Chelseas Image,
Bambi E, Pratts Toby and many many more.  

Lass is one of the sweetest, easy going mares we've had the pleasure to own.  She's broke to ride,
unflappable, honest and steady.  Totally safe for children and beginners.  She is available for our
Build Your Own Appaloosa(tm) Program.

                                                                                               Toby II
                                                                            Toby III
                                                                  Toby IV
                                                                                               Wynonahs Freckles
                         Pratts Toby 65697

                                                                                                 Spotted Jacket
                                                                  Mieke    F-1288
                                                                                                                           Rain Cloud
                                                                                Ute Maid
Pratt Tobys Last Lass
            552354                                                                                                 Missoula White Arrow
                                                                                Flint Creek Red Cloud
                                                                                                              Missoula Sevenone
                                                              Box M's Red Pepper # 257465
                                                                                                                                     Shieks Poker Joe
                                                                                                   Crystals Snodrop
                                                                                                             Broken Crystal
                     Pratt Miss Pepper                                                       Chief Chelsea                                
                                                                                Dun Roven Chelseas Image
                                                                                                                             Dun Rovens Indian Penny
                                                             Pratt chelsea may # 331511
                                                                                                                               Sullys Chavelle
                                                                                                   Pratt Sully May
                                                                                                         Pratts Toby May