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Mares, pg.2
The  Mares of   DreamCatcher Appaloosa

Yodies Miss Toby                                                  
1992 Bay Few Spot leopard mare                              PEDIGREE     
Toby Blue Yodeler  X Polkadott Diamond
Ms. Toby traces  eight times to the reference sire Toby l.
To date, she is producing 100 % color.  She is currently in foal to our stallion   Tobys Lucky Moonfor a 2002 foal which will be offered FOR SALE !

Tobys Scarlet Flare           PEDIGREE
2000 Bay blanketed, spotted filly
Tobys Peter Bilt X Yodies Miss Toby
You can view both her parents on this site.
Future plans for her include becoming a saddle horse, some show
experience and eventually she will join our breeding program.
Plaudits Mesquite          PEDIGREE       
1987 Bi-colored Leopard Mare                       
Pepper Travis  X Flint Creek Plaudett
"Pepper" as we call her, is a wonderful mare who is gentle,
alert & willing.  Shes a great babysitter as well as a wonderful
therapeutic riding teacher.

This mare is out of Plaudits Mesquite, the mare shown above.
DCA Clouds Elegance        PEDIGREE
1996 Bay near Leopard Mare
Nootka's Red Cloud  X  Plaudits Mesquite
This mare has the appaloosa  disposition and willingness we shout about!!  

Tobys Rock Jasmine           PEDIGREE         

1991 Black blanketed Mare      
MoneyCreeks Ledgerock  X  Tobys Karma Kate                                        
Jazz is a true black & white. She is extreamly athletic and gentle.
Can you spot the "Lion Head" on her hip?
Jasmine is a working ranch horse,showing natural cow sense.
She is a wonderful saddle & pack horse, exhibiting sure footedness
in any terrain.
Jasmine is in foal to JBCJ Indigo Warrior for a 2002
foal which will be offered for sale.

Tobys Krystal Moon

1996  Bay few spot  leopard mare.
Tobys Lucky Moon X Kaniksus Kocina                PEDIGREE

Krystal is currently spending time under saddle and proving
to be a good working ranch horse.
She is a very quiet, willing, and patient mare.

JBCJ Tobys Moonledge

1995 Leopard Mare
Tobys Lucky Moon  X Eagles Sophie Sis                          PEDIGREE

You have got to see this mares lineage to believe it.
Moonledge is a great-granddaughter to the famous reference sires:
Toby I on her top side      and to
Money Creeks Rockledge on both her top and bottom side.  
Her great , great  grandsires are Freels Chico and Storm Cloud F.
 Moonledge has beautiful movement, a companion disposition and that willing
Appaloosa" I can do it all" attitude.  


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                                                                                                               Prince Solid Joker
                                                                                            Kaniksus Spot
                                                                                                               Sutters Sass
                                                  Kaniksus Katracks
                                                                                                                Kaniksus Knobby  151595

                                                                                             Kaniksus Tobyaina
                                                                                                                Titania   F-604
           Tokeri Cloud Dancer

                                                                                                              Fancy Tom  123871

                                                                                    Tokatee George
                                                                                         233432         Miss Tokatee  76954
                                                    CLM Tokeri Cricket
                                                            395808                                     Salems Polar Bear  4183

                                                                                     Luis Creek Keri
                                                                                                               Salems Zsa Zsa

Tokeri Blue Tango
  ApHC #  563215                                                                                                           Old Blue
                                                                                                                   Toby I  F-203     
                                                                                                  Toby II  F-113


                                                                           Genesee Chief  F-1384
                                                                                                                                      Patches   F-77
                                                                                                                   Patchy  F-416

                                                                                                    Lola   F-462
                                             Black Peppers Genesee Chief
                                                       53127                                                                              Rusty King
                                                                                                      Stewarts Shiek  F-385
                                                                         Black Pepper C.  F-3898

                                                                                                    Lylie  F-3897
           Tobys Blue Moon
                    N446581                                                                                                             Knobby
                                                                                                                             Little Dan       
                                                                                              Old Blue                  
                                                                                                                                                Appy Stud
                                                                                                                                                Appy  Mare
                                                                Toby  I     F-203

                                                                                                                              Appaloosa Stud
                                                                                                                              Appaloosa Mare

                               Tobys Chico

                                                                                                                              Stubby  F-920

                                                                                           Freels Chico   F-715

                                                              Chicos Babe
                                                               7809                      Mollie