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 Lucys Pedigree


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Luwauna's  EasterChic
ApHC 542780
1995 Mare

"Lucy" as we call her is a daughter of our stallion Tobys Peter Bilt and out of M/T Whirlachic.
Her lineage is so very rich in Foundation Appaloosa history, she is a treasure and a GEM to
our breeding program.  This mare out produces herself through her foals. She is the dam of
our mare Twisters Jingle Dress.

Reserve her now for a Build Your Own Appaloosa foal.

Easter Pete T305392
Black Peppers  Genesee Chief    53127
Genesee Chief F- 1384 by Toby II out of Lola by Patchy F416
Black Pepper C. F-3898
Tobys Peter Bilt
Lu Wauna   T54003
 Luis Creek Eagle F-2924
Ku'shan  id113
Tobys Chico 74404
Toby  I     F-203
Old Blue
Chicos Babe  7809
 Freels Chico   F-715
M/T Whirlachic 408297
Money Creeks Rockledge F4092
 Peppers Shamrock F4090
Money Creeks Ledgerock #68582.
Babe Warrior F1309
 Rainbow Two F1752
Zebra Dun  F1344
Rainbow Sue  F837
Phantom Spring # T-229383
Long Feathers
Slot Machine
Lola Montez
Whirlachic 211753
Navajo Whirlaway 45695
Jane Bar